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We aim to provide a simple to use, fast and comprehensive job search service for users all over the world. This is made possible through our contributor program of Job Boards, Employers and Recruiters sharing their content which is indexed by us on a daily basis.

We strive to provide a fast and accurate job search service, we may check your feed several times per day and only download it if your content has changed.

If you would like to be part of our contributor program which allows your jobs to be shared please supply details in the form below. We accept jobs in a variety of industry standard feeds, including your own if it is not listed below. Please note: if your format is not listed below we can accept your feed, but it might take slightly longer for us to list it.

We will continue to index your jobs providing you are updating the feed you submitted to us. Job's are displayed to our users on a relevance basis, i.e. based on supplied search criteria. All things being equal, we will list newly posted jobs before jobs posted some time ago.

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Please note: We do not accept RSS Feeds for inclusion in our directory. Click Here if you want to add your jobs according to ApexOpus.com feed format.